The Creative Cosmo does Candles Now Accepting Phone Orders!

If you have purchased a Creative Cosmo candle at one of our fairs, and would like to order another before our online ordering system is up and running, please call the number below.

Because we are such a small business, all orders will be shipped by Royal Mail Signed For Second Class (unless otherwise specified for a quicker service) and will cost from £3.90 for shipping.  Otherwise you can visit us at one of our upcoming fairs. To see our market schedule, click here.

All candles are available in a standard (40+ hour burn time) and large (90+ hour burn time) size.  The standard size is priced at £12.99 and the large size is priced at £21.99. We also have wax melts for oil burners (10+ hour fragrance time) for £2.49 each.

Autumn 2015 Range:

Sweater Weather 

It’s the most beautiful time of the year. As was once said so perfectly said by Albert Camus, “Autumn is a second Spring, when every leaf is a flower.” The air has cooled, which means it’s time to unpack all of your favourite sweaters. Go on, folic in the leaves.

A fragrant blend of autumn woods and sandalwood with a hint of brown sugar and fig.

The Orchard at Sunrise 

With the nights growing longer, you find that it is becoming easier to wake up in time to appreciate the sunrise. What better time to do so than during your family’s annual fall getaway at the orchard? You pop your wellies on to protect your feet from the crisp morning dew. As the delicate rays begin to hit the trees, the clear sky begins to turn from night black to the pinks and lilacs of a new day. The sun’s subtle warmth brings out all the fragrances of the orchard as the star disappear.

A subtle and delicate fragrance of morning dew, a woodsy forest, apple and pear with a hint of cinnamon.

Coffee Shop Treats 

Like catching up with a good friend at your favourite coffee shop or cosy-ing up in bed, sipping your coffee on a Sunday morning. For those who have the mantra “But first, Coffee,” this is a fragrance for you. Bring your favourite cuppa home with a fragrance blend emulating a soothing caramel latte.

A fragrant blend of coffee and caramel with a hint of mixed spice.

Granny’s Apple Pie

This is it. The day you’ve been waiting for… To Granny’s house you go! Time for unexpected gifts and cosy cuddles. Granny has spoilt you rotten and you love it. You can catch the sweet aroma of her famous apple pie before you even step up to the door. She’s made it fresh for you because she knows it is your favourite. Apples fresh picked from the garden, smothered in cinnamon sugar and wrapped in a flakey, butter crust that is just finishing toasting in the oven. Life has never smelt so sweet.

A perfect apple pie scent. Butter, vanilla, apples and cinnamon.

Winter 2015 Range:

Enchanted Forest 

The snow has fallen, the pine trees are glistening and Santa is walking home through a snow-covered forest after a long day’s work in the toy factory. The reindeer are frolicking amid the trees, playing hide and seek among the tree tops. There is a fresh pine and apple wreath on his door to greet Santa as he enters his enchanted home.

A subtle fresh and woody fragrance of birch, pine and apple.

Night at the Nutcracker

This candle invokes (or creates) the memory of your first visit to the ballet. You are dressed in your finest attire. You gaze at the elegance of the guests before the curtains open. As the light dims, you can hear the orchestra begin the opening song. You will forever take the memory of your first visit to the Nutcracker; A tale of enchanted forests and Sugar Plum Fairies.

A delicate and elegant scent of woody birchwood, a hint of pine, sweet blackberry and brown sugar and fig.

Cinnamon Cuddle

The sweet and spicy fragrance of vanilla and cinnamon, make your home smell like glorious fall/winter baked goods without any of the hard work.

Mrs. Claus’ Gingerbread Cookies 

This fragrance is sure to make your home smell like Mrs. Claus popped by to make gingerbread cookies especially for you. For those who are gingerbread fans and Christmas fanatics, you are sure to love this fragrance.

A warming blend of ginger, clove, cinnamon and vanilla.

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If your call is not answered, please leave a message with your name and number and someone will call you back at their earliest convenience. 


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