A Mini-Break: Snow Sports in La Mongie

Now that the weather has decided to officially make you want to stay inside, I thought it would be nice to share my last snowboarding trip with you!  I am not a person who particularly loves winter to come around, but I do enjoy a good ol’ ski holiday.

Last year my mom, Tim and I drove down to the Pyrenees to a ski resort called La Mongie. Tim and I have been snowboarding quite a few places, and we both really enjoyed this trip. We knew it was going to be good as all of our French neighbours said that it was the best place to ski in France! It took us about 6 hours to drive there from our house in the Cognac region, which made it a perfect weekend getaway.

The countryside certainly varies as you drive through France, but it is hard to verbalise the image of driving through flat terrain for hours and all of a sudden seeing the Pyrenees Mountains appearing out of nowhere in the distance.  It almost looks as if they shouldn’t be there!  Driving through them is equally beautiful and has a special, adventurous feel to it. Though I will say be cautious of the drivers.  There were cars passing other cars on solid-lined, curved, icy roads!  One sharps turn and you would have been down the side of the mountain, hundreds of feet below. We kept our distance, and enjoyed the scenic drive.  We didn’t mind if people wanted to pass us as we were in no hurry!

I always love the towns that are on the outskirts of ski resorts.  All the buildings are kept so nicely and the streets are filled with lovely (expensive) shops and bakeries. The closest town to the resort is Bareges, a cookie-cutter town with both French and Spanish influence. We didn’t stay actually within the resort of La Mongie, as it is quite difficult to get to by car. Generally, I think there are buses or trains there… or there is a car route around the other side of the mountain which would have taken a couple more hours to drive to- To be honest, I’m not quite sure! Each story I heard as to how to stay there was different. In any case, it’s not easily accessible for people with disabilities (my mother was more looking to use the Jacuzzi as oppose to the slopes) but it is still nice to have a wander around and a quick bite. However, La Mongie does have a resort to stay in if you can figure out how to get there with luggage!  We stayed in a lovely (and much cheaper) town that was only a 15 minute drive away, with a very fancy restaurant, the best white wine I’ve ever had (local to the region- Oh how I wish I remembered what it was!) and, of course, a Jacuzzi for my mother!


IMG_0275 IMG_0283 IMG_0291 IMG_0304

IMG_1717 IMG_1720

We always arrive at sunrise to get the most from the slopes.
IMG_1723 IMG_1724 IMG_0297IMG_0303IMG_0305IMG_0310IMG_1726IMG_1722IMG_1729Nothing like apres-ski pizza! I’ll admit, post-winter-sport food is certainly one of my favourite parts about snow trips (or any trip for that matter!)


How about you? Are you a winter-sports-fan or are you a cosy-by-the-fire-until-it’s-summer type person all the way? Leave a comment below and let me know!




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