Glorious Greece: Crete

Agios Nikolaos is truly a magical place.  It was the first real ‘couple’s vacation’ Tim and I went on back in 2013.  We stayed at the Blue Marine hotel (, which was both all-inclusive and right on the beach. It was, however, a fair distance from the airport.  We opted for bus travel, which was included in our package from the airport, but it took us 2 and a half hours to reach the hotel! The room was pretty basic, but the food was incredible.  Nothing beats true greek cuisine.  We really didn’t have need to eat out that often because the food was so good at the hotel! We did go out to eat once at a locally recommended spot.  It was a fantastic sea food restaurant, Pelagos (see pictures below) which I would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone in the Nikolaos area!! The town of Agios Nikoloas itself is also a must see.  The shops are fantastic, many specialising in handmade gold jewellery with either a Byzantine or Aegean style. I bought a beautiful gold ring with three blue opal pieces (but sadly all three have fallen out 🙁 ) There is also the option to get a bus to Malia, or Knossos for day/night trips.  We were only there for a week, so we didn’t get to do either but I definitely plan on going back so that I can see Knossos!!
IMG_4012 IMG_4013 IMG_4026 IMG_4027 IMG_4030 IMG_4075 IMG_4076 IMG_4077 IMG_4078 IMG_4083 IMG_4114 IMG_4153 IMG_4158 IMG_4185 IMG_4218 IMG_4239 IMG_4293 IMG_4300 IMG_4327 IMG_4420 IMG_4421 IMG_4425 IMG_4429 IMG_4431 IMG_4432 IMG_4446 IMG_4457 IMG_4458 IMG_4464 IMG_4483 IMG_4486 IMG_4537 IMG_4538 IMG_4540 IMG_4543


Have you ever been to Crete or elsewhere in Greece?  Where did you go and what would YOU recommend? I would love to know so that I can properly plan another Greek adventure!


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