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One of the things moving house has given me is the opportunity to re-evaluate the art I have in my home.  While a student, I bought things just to fill the wall space.  One of the photos I had in my old bathroom not only doesn’t fit in with my new home style, but developed water damage from bathroom condensation. However, I love all of these diy ‘dry-erase markers on glass’ whiteboards that seem to be so popular in the home world of pinterest.  All you generally need is a some edgy backing that you like, like old wallpaper or wrapping paper, to put behind an old frame.  I desperately wanted some gold and white chevron wrapping paper, like this one found on zazzle:


Gold foil wrapping paper on zazle.co.uk. Retail Price: £18 per roll.

But £18 per roll?! I thought this was suppose to be a cheap diy?! Besides the fact that I rent and therefore do not have extra wallpaper laying around, at least none in the appropriate colour scheme, the only wrapping paper that I have is Christmas themed.  So I headed to HobbyCraft to see if I could get a chevron stencil to use with some gold paint.  Well, they didn’t have a chevron stencil, but they did have Fablon Special Effect Vinyl Gold Polish which is like a giant gold sticker for £5!   So, here is how I created my super cheap DIY whiteboard for my home office. The only things you will need are some white gloss paint (or a white backing), an old frame, some common house tools, and this giant gold sticker.

IMG_0016 IMG_0015

I already had the white gloss paint.  I cut the paper back from the frame and using a flathead screwdriver I peeled back the staples holding the cardboard and the picture in place.  You want to peel these back as oppose to taking them out so that you can easily secure the cardboard backing when you are finished.  I  took out the picture, carefully leaving the frame with the glass on the side.  Then I took the cardboard backing to my workshop and gave it three coats of white gloss (leaving a day between each coat to allow the previous coat to dry).

Next, I unrolled my Fablon sticker and traced an evenly spaced zig zag, using the graphed markings on the back on the sticker. I moved down five graph points and drew a parallel zig zag (luckily, since you are writing on the back of the sticker, you can chose the spacing you want with a bit of trial and error).  I did this about 5 or 6 times before I knew I would have enough chevrons.

With the ruler, I calculated how much space would be needed between each chevron and began to place my stickers accordingly (this would vary based on frame size).  I spaced out the white sections to be slightly wider than the chevrons so that I had an evenly spaced gold section on the top and bottom. The stickers were easy to put on.  I just peeled back a corner to place on the edge of the white cardboard and then slowly peeled the sticker as I smoothed it out with my fingers.  They went on straight without a problem.  I continued this until I had filled the space. There was a small white section at the end of the stickers, as they were just barely too short to fit the whole board.  I cut a little gold section from the extra cutoffs into the diagonal shape of the chevron.  They attached fine and are not noticeable as add ons.IMG_0043


Then I carefully cleaned the inside of the glass, making sure there was no dust and fit the cardboard back into place.  I carefully folded the staples back into place once again using a flathead screwdriver. I taped over the edge of the staples and the cardboard for added security and voila! Hang on the wall and grab a dry-erase marker!


There are so many different patterns you could try with this.  Polka-dots, stripes, stars, hearts.  I have plenty of Fablon sticker left, so there will be future projects to try it with!


Have you tried this project or one similar?  Have you every used any of Fablon stickers before?  How did it go?  I would love to hear about it!




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