Notice Board Makeover!

This notice board makeover is so easy!  There is never a reason to have an ugly notice board in your home again! All you need is about a half meter of fabric (depending on your notice board size), cardboard, a glue gun, scissors and a decoration of your choice (I chose faux sunflowers).



Step 1: Lay your fabric on the floor and place your notice board on top so that you can get the general size of the fabric needed. You want to be able to glue the fabric onto the metal rim of the board, so make sure to include enough fabric to be able to do this. The fabric I used is the Clarke and Clarke Eclipse Cotton Fabric in Charcoal from the Millshop Online (Currently on sale at £9.50 per meter). I had to order a full meter but I probably only used half for this project.  I will certainly be happy to use the other half elsewhere in the house!


Step 2: Generously glue the fabric onto the metal rim of the board, making sure the fabric is tight on all edges. I found it easiest to work my way around by starting on the top, then gluing a side, then the bottom, etc.


Step 3: Next you want to cut two strips of cardboard from the lengthiest cardboard box you can find (like an old Christmas tree box).  This will allow you to make the frame for your notice board.  You want to hold the cardboard up against a side and top of the notice board and cut the ends at a diagonal so that they will form together. Then you can use the sizes of the cut pieces as a guide to measure the uncut pieces.  You should have two sets of matching pieces when finished (two for the top and bottom and two for the sides).


Step 4: Lay your cardboard pieces along the fabric, like you did in Step 1.  Use this as a guide to cut the fabric that you need to cover the cardboard frame (making sure the leave enough extra for a gluing edge). Use a hot glue gun to glue on the fabric as tightly and neatly as possible.


Step 5:  Once you have covered your full frame, line them up as they should be on the board.  This way you can decide how you would like to arrange the edges. Then, carefully glue the frame onto the outer metal edge of the notice board, taking care not to glue down the support hooks for the board’s wall mountingl (unless they are in the right spot and you would like to).


Step 6: Hot glue on a decorative detail of your choice! These faux sunflowers worked really well because they have a little edge on the back which fit right into a hot glue puddle without a problem. They bring a little bit of cheer into the office!

IMG_0073 IMG_0074

Happy pinning!


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