10 Fun Decor DIYs to Get You Ready for Autumn!

Anyone else caught the autumn bug yet?

It’s mid-August and all I can think about is fall and fall decor! Pumpkins, lattes, chia-teas, knee high boots, Halloween, autumn colours, autumn scents- I can’t get them out of my mind! Autumn is by far my favourite season.  I swear I have a some sort of superpower. As soon as the season begins to change to late summer, the hairs on my arms start to raise telling me to begin fall preparation!  Here are 10 fall inspired DIYs that I will certainly be trying this year! (Assuming my funds allow it!) I will post pictures as I try them but make sure to send me pictures of anyones you try as well!

1. Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones via eHow


This is the perfect intro to fall.  Once you start to see those pinecones appear, you know fall is on its way.  This project takes about 6 weeks of resting time for the pinecones to fully absorb the scent, so make sure to start early!  This would also make an excellent (and inexpensive) gift for those cooler-season get-togethers.

2. Painted Wood-Sliced Pumpkins via Hanimania


Stick-m’ on a mantle, stick-m’ on a wreath, stick-m’ on your front porch. These look fantastic and are so versatile! I am a pumpkin maniac during this time of the year, the more the merrier!

3. Reversible Snowman/Fall-Pumpkin Door Hanger via Etsy


Now, this isn’t a DIY but I will certainly be trying to recreate this as best I can.  A door hanger I can use for fall AND winter?! Well, that’s just a good investment, now isn’t it?

4. Lit ‘Bottle of Boos’ via Etsy


Another Etsy find that I will attempt to recreate. This will look oh so cute on my mantle… Oh wait, I don’t have a mantle.  BUT I AM GOING TO MAKE ONE! Post to come…

5. Candy Corn Wine Bottle Up-Cycle via Brit+Co


Talk about a good way to put all of those left over wine bottles to use?  A little bit of spray paint and you are good to go!

6. Glitter Pumpkins via bhg


A few great things about these pumpkins- They will last in your seasonal decor all fall (unlike the halloween decorations that need to be taken down so soon in the season); They can be made with real or artificial pumpkins; They can go just about anywhere (table tops, mantles, entryways, etc); And they are amazing and beautiful!

7. Burlap Pumpkins via Refresh-Renew


Once again, pumpkins and fall are as good of a match as a hot brownie with vanilla ice cream. This tutorial not only looks easy and inexpensive to complete, but the results will last you years.  The burlap will bring a country-chic to your home that will make you happy you have to cosy indoors.

8. Make an Autumn Wreath

Simply type ‘autumn wreath’ into google and the result is amazing.  Here are a few of my favourites, but this is one I will certainly try to make my own. You could even put some of the scented pinecones (No. 1) on so your guests have a lovely cinnamon-y surprise as they enter!


via Etsy


via Etsy


via ArtsyChicksRule


via Etsy


via SweetSomethingDesigns

9. Monogram Pumpkins via Shelterness


A too-easy-for-words decorating idea, you can never go wrong with a good monogram.  Once again, this is great for both real and faux pumpkins (if you are a U.S. reader, you are lucky- artificial craft pumpkins can easily be found at Michael’s… for UK readers there are paper-mâché ones at HobbyCraft…. if anyone knows where I can find hollow plastic ones, I would very much appreciate the tip!)

10.  Chic drilled pumpkins via Crafynest


This is just the tip of the iceberg to pass on the autumn bug :p How about you?  Are you excited for fall? What’s your favourite thing to make or do in this season? Do you have any crafts planned?  I would love to know!!



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