Thrift Store Nest Table Revamp

I don’t know what it is about thrift shopping with my boyfriend’s parents in Wales, but every time I go with an ‘objective,’ I end of finding exactly what I’m looking for!  Since Tim (my boyfriend) and I have very little furniture, and even less money, these £10 nest tables were an awesome find.

The first thing I did was to give them a good wipe down.  They each have a glass piece that sits on top, so I removed them and set them aside.


Step 1: Remove glass and give them a good wipe down.

I then turned them all upside down and primed them with a Valspar Trade Undercoat and Primer.  The wood was smooth on all of these, so there was really no need to sand them.


Step 2: Prime ’em.

Next I painted them using Dulux Tade matt emulsion paint in the colours Bowler Hat and Wishing Well. I love these colours, whether you’re looking for a modern, traditional or antiqued style, these colours work perfectly.  I really worked to push the paint into etching on the sides so that when I went over them with the top colour the design would really show through.


Step 3: Paint a base coat, making sure to really get into the design.

Next I painted over them with the inverse colour, making sure to lightly apply colour over the design so that the undercoat would show through properly.


Step 4: Apply top coat making sure not to cover the design too liberally.

Finally, I took the undercoat colour again and lightly brushed over certain spots before quickly wiping it with a dry rag to give a ‘distressed effect.’ I tried to lightly sand the paint but it did not work!  If you were using chalk paint, you could probably distress your piece in the normal way, but for emulsion this paint and wipe method worked very well.

To seal the paint, I cover it with Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish DEAD FLAT 500ml which worked like a dream!  Two really light coats was all that was needed.  I considered creating a mercury glass effect finish on the glass tops, but I loved the way the dichotomy of the colours and the brush strokes looked on the top. So all I did was clean the glass and set them back in place 🙂


The finished product!

IMG_7881 IMG_7882 IMG_7890 IMG_7891

What do you think?  Would you have mercury-glassed the top?


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