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Regarding The Creative Cosmo does Candles: 

If you have any candle questions or concerns, please send an email to the address mentioned above.  If you see your candle sooting, please note that it should not do this.  First check that all of the guidelines mentioned here are being followed.  If your candle continues to cause an issue, please get in touch with us.  Every effort is made to give you a quality, all-natural, luxury candle that is free from soot.  However, as they are all handmade from recycled wine bottles, the diameters of the vessels vary and they are matched with their appropriate wick diameter.  If a mistake has been made in the wick diameter, and it burns too strongly, it may cause your candle to soot.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we may replace your candle free of charge if you think this issue may have occurred. We strive not only to offer the best product, but the best customer service as well.



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