About our Candles

Here at the The Creative Cosmopolitan, our passion for home fragrance and the importance of ambient lighting is on par with our sincere love of nature, culture and the simple things that make life so beautiful.  Our line of handcrafted candles uses the finest ingredients and fragrances to create bespoke scents emulating the special moments, symbols or feelings that are cherished from each season.  Our iconic glass vases are crafted from a variety of recycled bottles. They range in a beautiful display of earthy colours that create a charming, atmospheric glow.  Not only is the result beautiful, but our recycled materials contribute to the bettering of the world that inspires us so.  We use the finest quality soy wax and coconut oil blend that not only gives the best scent throw and longest burning time of any natural medium, but contributes to the cleansing of your home’s air quality as oppose to emitting harmful toxins found in most main-brand candles. Our products use a blend of natural oils and fragrances and are completely free from any artificial dyes. Our greatest hope is that our candles will ignite a feeling of comfort and joy, making you feel more connected to this time of the year, adding to your enjoyment of every season and turning your loved home into a sanctuary.

Along with our love for home fragrance, we also have a passion for home decor. We frequently collect discarded wood which we lovingly restore and beautifully paint to create a work of art for your home. We are currently only selling these pieces at our market stall.